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Your estate is your legacy. It’s the fruits of your labor, your final wishes and a lasting memory for your loved ones. Determining the best way to transfer your assets, both before and after your death, can be a daunting task.


William Berry & Associates, LLC wants to support you in estate planning. Our approach ensures the people you designate as beneficiaries receive as much value as possible from your estate. We work to guarantee wills and trusts support your final wishes.




Regardless of size, every estate plan needs a will.


William Berry & Associates, LLC handles wills that are large and small, simple and complex. Assets like real estate and investments are handled differently than money in the bank. We’ll help you avoid probate, pay lower estate taxes and direct the distribution of each piece of your property. Our expert knowledge of trust laws, pour-over wills and estate affidavits will set you at ease.




Did you know there are different types of trusts? Revocable and irrevocable trusts are the two basic categories.


• A revocable trust can be altered by the creator but is subject to an estate tax upon distribution.

• Generally, an irrevocable trust cannot be altered after creation but isn’t subject to an estate tax upon your death.


Besides tax differences, consider valuation discounts, specialized trusts and limited liability entities. William Berry & Associates, LLC will customize a trust for your unique situation and maximize your gifts to beneficiaries.


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